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July 26, 2014

AjKeyvs Implementing Key-Value Store in C# (1) The Project

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I want to implement a key-value store (as Redis) in C#, play with data structures, and practice TDD (Test-Driven Development). I started:

The current structure:

There is a class library project, AjKeyvs, that contains the collections in an in-memory repository. The interesting part of this projects is to implement arrays and sets that can be sparse, having different keys. Example, having a key 1 (one) and a key 1000000 (one million) does not imply to have an array with one million positions. At the same, I want to have a good access and update time. In other use cases, I will have string keys, like “user”, “user:1”, “user:1:email”, etc. There are use cases that need the use of sets, with union, intersection, difference, etc… For integer keys, I jave a set where a could turn a bit on or off, for the presence or absense of an element. More implementation details in upcoming post.

The library can be used in-process, but I added a server and a client program. The server listen commands sent by the clientes. All collections reside in memory. Persistence is something orthogonal to the implemented use cases. I should decide if add the persistence into the command processing, or is something to be implemented outside the project.

As usual, I followed TDD workflow.

Next topics: data structures, collections, commands, concurrency, etc.

Stay tuned!

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June 9, 2014

MongoDB: Links, News, And Resources (6)

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