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April 7, 2016

Clojure: Links, News And Resources (24)

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Clojure powered robot 3 of 3 – YouTube

Clojure powered robot 2 of 3 – YouTube

Clojure powered robot 1 of 3 – YouTube

OSCON 2013: Carin Meier, "The Joy of Flying Robots with Clojure" – YouTube

Macros vs. Monads

Functional Infrastructures: It’s All Fn until You Hit Production


Clojure-based, R-like statistical computing and graphics environment for the JVM

Hammock Driven Development – Rich Hickey – YouTube

Skills Matter : Clojure eXchange 2013 06-12-13

Clojure library for symbolic computation

cemerick/austin · GitHub
The ClojureScript browser-REPL rebuilt stronger, faster, easier.

justiniac/clotilde · GitHub
The Linda process coordination language written in Clojure.

mountain/knowledge · GitHub
combining wikidata and clojure core.logic

FRP in ClojureScript with Javelin

Concurrent Bayes Classifiers in Clojure | Ascii Rain

Cascalog – Clojure-based query language for Hadoop – The Changelog

symbols – In Clojure, how to define a variable named by a string? – Stack Overflow

Discrete Event Simulation Specification

Introduction to web application development in Clojure

MQTT in Clojure with the core.async library | Clojure in a bank

REST in Peace

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Angel “Java” Lopez

April 1, 2016

Clojure: Links, News And Resources (23)

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clj-wamp ~ Clojure WebSocket subprotocol for HTTP Kit

Purely functional data structures in Clojure: Red-Black Trees – Leonardo Borges

Clojure and LLVM

Clojure, Neo4j and Domain Specific Languages Applied to Lisp and Cancer – Ola Bini in Hamburg in Hamburg | XING Events

7 Languages in 7 Workshops: Clojure – Cambridge Software Craftsmanship (Cambridge, England) – Meetup

Getting Started


Introducing HipHip (Array): Fast and flexible numerical computation in Clojure — Prismatic Blog

In Retrospect: QCon NYC 2013 (and a conversation with Rich Hickey on languages) « Inviting Epiphany

Clojure/West Content on InfoQ

Rock Paper Scissors with core.async : Pure Danger Tech

Blog | Rich Hickey and core.async – Podcast Episode 035 | Relevance

Clojure – The Last Programming Language by Robert C. Martin at NDC 2011 at Oslo, Norway –

Leiningen 2 – Humane build management for Clojure

Clojure, core.async and the Lisp advantage – Leonardo Borges


Using java.jdbc | Clojure Documentation | Clojure Docs


Pedestal Documentation – Application Introduction


Fluokitten – Category Theory in Idiomatic Clojure


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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 12, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (14)

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Confreaks TV | Full-stack FP in Datomic, Clojure, and ClojureScript – LambdaConf 2015

ClojureScript Year In Review

Clojure Cup 2015

FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript Macro-Functions

Clojure 2015 Year in Review – Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

The ClojureScript Compiler – A Look Behind the Curtains – Maria Geller – YouTube

ClojureScript 17 – Building a Coils App – YouTube

Functional Geekery Episode 40 – David Nolen

lein-template 0.1.3 – Clojars

Parens of the Dead

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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 11, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (13)

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ClojureScript: Lisp’s Revenge – David Nolen – YouTube ClojureScript: how to begin

Clojurescript Made Easy

A simple Clojurescript app – Adam Bard and his magical blog

ClojureScript Builds, Rebooted | Adzerk Ad Serving API

Isomorphic JavaScript (with ClojureScript) for pre-rendering single-page-applications, part 1 – Carousel Apps

LAZY LAMBDA: Replicator: Bootstrapped ClojureScript REPL for Android

FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript on Android

Interactive Programming in ClojureScript

LispCast Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om

An Introduction to ClojureScript

Clojure is a product design tool. | Precursor

ClojureScript Blues

ClojureScript React Native

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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 9, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (12)

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Relevance of ClojureScript

Luminus – A Clojure Web Framework

ClojureScript, JavaScript interop

ClojureScript Koans

thegeez blog – Racket Gin Rummy in ClojureScript

Parens of the Dead

ClojureScript Next



Using JavaScript libraries in ClojureScript.

Bootstrapped ClojureScript FAQ · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

An Introduction to Clojure and ClojureScript

Dan Abramov – Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015 – YouTube

jdeisenberg/etudes-for-clojurescript · GitHub

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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 5, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (11)

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jdeisenberg/etudes-for-clojurescript · GitHub

cljsinfo/api-refs at catalog


ClojureScript livereload Statecharts – YouTube

mustache 1.1.0-0 – Clojars


Running figwheel in a Cursive Clojure REPL · bhauman/lein-figwheel Wiki

Blackjack in ClojureScript

Blackjack in ClojureScript—How It Was Written

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Angel “Java” Lopez

February 4, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (10)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More updated links at end.

CLJSJS – Use Javascript Libraries in Clojurescript With Ease — Martin Klepsch

Building a System in Clojure and ClojureScript by Matthias Nehlsen

ClojureScript Cheatsheet

(Nearly) Getting Started with ClojureScript – O! Mr Speaker!

C2: Clojure(Script) data visualization

Reagent • TodoMVC


Exploring the Clojurescript REPL – Alex Eberts



Javascript Libraries packaged for Clojurescript


Firebase and Clojure(Script) Part Two – Adding Facebook Authentication in 3 Easy Steps

Quick Start · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 29, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (9)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More links at end.


Compiler Options · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Rationale · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Life with Dynamic Typing

Differences from Clojure · clojure/clojurescript Wiki


Make :foreign-libs more useful – Clojure JIRA

Clojure Ants in ClojureScript Demo | Cool Pacific

Running REPLs · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

The Old Way, The New Way

The Essence of ClojureScript Redux


Browserless ClojureScript

ClojureScript Tutorial

basic setup for cljs.test

A farewell note to a programming language – Matthias Nehlsen

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 28, 2016

ECMAScript 6: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Intro to ECMAScript 6 and Angular 2 for Ionic Developers | HTML5 Mobile Tutorials | Ionic, Phaser, Sencha Touch & PhoneGap

ThinkJS – use full ES6/7 features to develop Node.js applications

The Future of Node is in Microsoft’s Fork

Learn ECMAScript6 by doing it

Six Steps for Approaching the Next JavaScript

systemjs/systemjs · GitHub

Understanding Ionic 2: Class – Andrew McGivery


Authoring JavaScript modules with ES6

Exploring ES6

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 27, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (8)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More links at end.

Clojure to ClojureScript compiler in Ruby

New clojurescript template

Autotesting ClojureScript




Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome,-or-Why-React-is-Awesome

Om interop with 3rd party JS libs · Robert Stuttaford, Clojure Enthusiast

Building an iOS weather app with Angular and ClojureScript

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