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New Month’s Resolutions: March 2020

Summer is about to end in this hemisphere (Buenos Aires). It’s time to write the new month’s resolutions, but first, review of the last month’s ones:

– Continue RLie [pending]
– Continue BelJS [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleDraw [pending]
– Continue SimpleForth [pending]
– Start genco [pending]
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves [complete]
– Continue EthSwap [pending]
– Continue RskAPI [complete] see repo
– Start MonMark, now DeFiProt [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working on:

– Continue RustScript [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleTensor [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleAbi [complete] see repo
– Continue RskUtils [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleProlog [complete] see repo
– Improve Dexert [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue DeFiProt
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue RskAPI
– Continue RLie
– Continue SimpleDraw
– Continue SimpleForth
– Continue SimpleProlog
– Continue SimpleTensor
– Continue RustScript
– Start genco
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves
– Learning Zero Knowledge Proof

Angel “Java” Lopez


New Month’s Resolutions: August 2013

Time to review my July’s resolutions:

– Update Memolap [complete] see repo
– Update GrammGen [complete] see repo
– Update SimpleGrammar [complete] see repo
– Prepare a talk: Intro to Smalltalk [complete] see talk
– Start PHP compiler to JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Write PHP example with Node.js [pending]
– Update AjLispJs [[pending]
– Create a web site sample using AjLisp and Node.js [pending]

Instead of updating AjLispJs, I started another project:

– Start SimpleLisp, Lisp compiler to JavaScript [complete] see repo

Additionally, I worked on:

– Start SimpleContext, associate arbitrary data to simple JavaScript objects [complete] see repo
– Start SimpleProlog, Prolog language interpreter in JavaScript/Node.js [complete] see repo
– First version of KodeTokenizer [complete] see repo
– First version of KodeMutator [complete] see repo
– Publish Obops on Nuget [complete] see repo
– Publish my first Smalltalk samples [complete] see repo
– Create and pubish first version of Plagre, programming language recognizer [complete] see repo see demo
– Updated my TDD Rocks samples [complete] see repo
– Start SharpBase C# in-memory database [complete] see repo
– Start AjForce, applications in Node.js a la [complete] see repo
– Start OStore, in-memory JavaScript object store [complete] see repo
– Added Rack samples to my Learning Ruby [complete] see repo
– Write SimpleMule, simple Mule-like in JavaScript/Node.js [complete] see repo

Also, I published Google hangouts:

TDD Rocks (1) Playing with Ruby
TDD Rocks! (2) OStore with JavaScript/Node.js
Exploring Smalltalk (1) (Spanish)
TDD Rocks! (3) SharpBase in C#
TDD Rocks! (4) SharpBase in C#

My new month’s resolutions, August 2013:

– Update SimpleProlog
– Update Mass
– Update AjTalkJs
– Update AjTalk
– Update SimpleLisp
– SimpleLisp web server sample
– New Google Hangout using Ruby and TDD
– New Google Hangout using C# and TDD

Lot of fun is coming 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez