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Drones: Links And Resources (3)

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Writing Your First AR Drone NodeJS Program! – Hacking Drones

Drone Games – A NodeCopter style programming competition powered by drones and JavaScript

Programming drones in C# | Paolo Brocco Works

Robot App Store | Knowledge-Base | How to Program ARDrone Remotely Over WIFI

Hacking Drones

DJI – The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography

How I Accidentally Kickstarted the Domestic Drone Boom | WIRED

Obama’s Drone War – The New Yorker

Tickle: Visual programming for Rolling Spider MiniDrone on your iPad! – Parrot news | Parrot news

Drone sobre caverna inexplorada en Vietnam | Orgullo Nerd

The loneliness of the long-distance drone pilot

Hacker Guide

PIXHAWK Research Project – ETH PIXHAWK: MAV Computer Vision

APM | Open source autopilot

arduleader/thirdparty at master · geeksville/arduleader


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Drones: Links And Resources (2)

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AR.Drone 2.0. Parrot new wi-fi quadricopter – – HD Camera – Civil drone – Parrot


OSCON 2013: Carin Meier, “The Joy of Flying Robots with Clojure” – YouTube

mavlink – ROS Wiki

Field Reordering and CRC Extra Calculation – QGroundControl GCS

MAVLink Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol – QGroundControl GCS


Parrot AR.Drone – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MAVLink – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

IEEE Xplore Abstract – Path planning and Ground Control Station simulator for UAV

DroneAPI Tutorial | Developer

Augmented reality display of air traffic for amateur drones — Lemondronor

Cheap ADS-B on amateur drones — Lemondronor

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Drones: Links and Resources (1)

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AR.Drone voice control – YouTube

Announcing Dronecode: Expanding the Architecture of Participation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles |

Linux Foundation Presents Dronecode Project – YouTube

Home | Dronecode

Con los drones, la ciencia ficción llegó para monitorear los cultivos – 28.06.2014 –

Robots, JavaScript, and Drones: Welcome to the Hardware Revolution – Julia Grace – YouTube

Just a Drone Taking a Dog for a Walk, NBD

Segu-Info: Un argentino demuestra que los semáforos se pueden hackear

Foam-squirting quadcopter becomes a flying 3D printer

Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots | Danger Room | WIRED

Google Buys Drone Company Titan Aerospace – Business Insider

Google Bought a Drone Company, Which Isn’t At All Creepy, Nope

The NodeCopter – Programming flying robots with node.js

7 Industries Drones Are Set to Revolutionize

Keynote – – Ron Evans – LA Ruby Conference 2013

The Drones of the Future Won’t Kill, They’ll Take Selfies | Wired Design |

‘Drone It Yourself’ Lets You Create a Drone from Any Object

DIY Drones

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A Robot that Plays Pool

Thanks to a tweet from @CReport, I found this video: a robot that plays pool:

It’s the creation of Willow Garage. Its motto: delivering open source robotics.

The team behind this achievement is PoolShark. They use a robot named PR2. The team work began at Monday June 7th, they train the robot to play, and the next Friday PR2 began making shots. Impressive! They use an open source library FastFiz to simulate the pool physics.

You can read more about this advance at:

The PR2 Plays Pool

I read:

The Poolshark team dealt with numerous technical challenges throughout the week: engineering a special grip and bridge so the PR2 could hold the cue, a ball detector, table localization, visualizations and input tools, shot selector, and more

It’s interesting to put a robot in a real world challenge. Using that approach, we should solve problems like: diffuse input, lack of accuracy, real-time response calculation, light problems, etc…

There is another video, from 2009, about the results of intern work on PR2:

More info at:

Intern PR2 Challenge 2009

Note that one of the Advisory Board was Larry Page, from Google. There is a description of PR2 Beta Program

The training of the robot looks promising. Great job!

More videos at: Info about Willow Garage robots:

Angel “Java” Lopez