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How to claim MoC Tokens from Liquidity Mining

The BPro Token

The BitPRO (BPRO), a token to earn income for Bitcoin Holders with free leverage

Liquality Launches on NEAR Protocol: A Native Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Juggernaut

If you’re creating ERC20/721/1155 contracts then I suggest building off of OpenZeppelin’s work

Today Flashbots releases v0.2 and introduces bundle merging.

From Bitcoin (Omni), to Ethereum (ERC20), to Tron (TRC20)

Bitcoin crashed

Angel “Java” Lopez

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DefiDollar & Badger DAO present — The “DeFi Benchmark” Bitcoin Interest Rate

Current APY on SOV/BTC Liquidity Mining is over 1000%

Buy crypto with Nash – now on Aave!

Ethereum co-founder on why he got into crypto: Empower the little guy, ‘screw’ the big guy — ‘they already have enough money’

Dodging a bullet: Ethereum State Problems

The Ethereum Foundation transferred 35,000 Eth to the Kraken Exchange on May 17. Vitalik said bubbles could have ended already on May 20

Week In Ethereum

Ethereum Closes In on Long-Sought Fix to Cut Energy Use Over 99%

Angel “Java” Lopez

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Topps Digital Towers Over NFT Universe With Upcoming Godzilla NFT Collectibles

PoS and PoW are solutions to rate-limit who can participate in the block production process


African Migrants Are Turning to Cryptocurrency Platforms for ‘Low-Fee Remittances’

Hyperblockchainization Will Kill Traditional Finance

Crypto media runs with the bulls as new entrants compete against established brands

Catalytic event or unbridled optimism? Coinbase approaches public listing

RSK Bounties for Chainlink 2021

Angel “Java” Lopez

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Ya somos más de 200 en nuestra comunidad de Telegram y hoy empieza la lluvia tropical de NFTs

Stacks is an open network for decentralized apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin

Ethereum Network Crawler RFP

Bitcoin bulls are confident even as a key BTC price metric hits a new low

ETF investors say Coinbase listing will cause explosion in crypto investing

Miami nightclub accepts Bitcoin as nightlife cautiously returns

Cómo crear una cuenta en Proof Of Humanity para recibir UBIs (Explicado Paso a Paso)

Ember Fund Raises $5.3M to Build Out Trading App

Angel “Java” Lopez

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New #Bitcoin soft fork signaling period started this morning Taproot Schnorr’s Simple Trial

El Ecosistema de #DEFI4Bitcoin sobre RSKsmart

New milestone reached as 100 cryptocurrencies reach a $1B market cap

‘Silent crash’ as price floors collapse across NFT space

Sovryn Stats

US firm splashes out on 4,800 Bitcoin miners worth $34M

Janet Yellen, Bitcoin And Crypto Fearmongers Get Pushback From Former CIA Director

Buying bitcoin for the First Time? Start Here

Angel “Java” Lopez

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Ethereum continues wild run — ETH price breaks $4,000 for the first time

Binance CEO says volatility ‘is not unique to crypto’ — Data shows it’s Bitcoin’s jet fuel

Why the blockchain matters

Signs the Bitcoin hash rate is starting to move away from China

Early Bitcoin bull market buyers are hodling strong, but short term trading increasing

Elon Musk Sees Dogecoin as ‘Stimulus for People Kicked by Pandemic’ but Says ‘Please Invest With Caution’

A thread on RSKsmart network mining statistics

Square Bitcoin Revenue Grows 11x Year Over Year

Angel “Java” Lopez

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DeFi Oracle Umbrella Network Migrates to Binance Smart Chain From Ethereum

Dificultad en la minería de Bitcoin cae casi 13%, el mayor bajón del 2021

Curso de Blockchain y Criptomonedas

Stakear MoC Tokens con MOC Tools

We all know the issues with DeFi — but what are the answers?

Making Bitcoin Wasy With Simon Lapscher of Liquality

‘Disaster Girl’ has sold her popular meme as an NFT for $500,000

PancakeSwap Pools

Angel “Java” Lopez

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Finance officials pour cold water on cryptocurrency amid Coinbase celebrations

Revolutionary Stablecoin Protocol, Babelfish, is about to go brrrrrrr! $FISH $xUSD

Defi on Bitcoin Soars as RSK Total Value Locked Crosses 1.445K BTC

We Went Hunting for Crypto Scams in Google and Apple App Stores. Here’s What We Found

SovrynBTC has built an ETH bridge and has a uniswap incentivized pair

Dai creado a partir de Colateral de activos del “mundo real” (Real World Asset) En este caso Inmobiliario

Ripple co-founder thinks Bitcoin should move away from proof-of-work

Binance.US Hires Former Bank Regulator Brian Brooks as CEO, Former Head Coley to Depart

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (776)

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Ethereum price all-time high follows reduced gas costs and DeFi revival

Chainlink Achieves Major Scalability Upgrade With the Mainnet Launch of Off-Chain Reporting (OCR)

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s final message

Elon Musk boosts Dogecoin again amid fresh ‘strong interest’ in altcoins

Tether’s market cap hits $50B as stablecoin adoption grows

Binance to launch Microstrategy, Apple, and Microsoft stock tokens

Binance Concludes 3 Promotions: FUN, EUR & Liquid Swap Trading Competitions

La increíble historia de la criptomoneda que nació como una broma y que ya tiene el mismo valor de mercado que Ford y Twitter

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (775)

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Town Crier y Chainlink: Enriqueciendo y Ampliando las Capacidades de los Oráculos

Top Chinese banks promote CBDC over local payment firms for shopping festival

All 200 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Could Be Shut Down Under New Regulation in South Korea, Regulator Warns

‘I have not sold any of my Bitcoin’: Elon Musk

MoneyOnChain Token Generation Event

Eth2 is neutral infrastructure for our financial future

Polkadot Deep Dive 2021 – Connecting The $DOTs

Tipos de Wallet

Angel “Java” Lopez