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Blockchain: Links And Resources (432)

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EIP 1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs

Pantheon Enterprise Ethereum Client

Ethereum resources to be translated into 15 new languages

What Could Blockchain Do for Healthcare?

CoinMarketCap Algorithm Changed: Is The Ranking Flawed?

Almost all crypto projects use LevelDB, and LevelDB does at most a few hundred tps

RSK Gas Station portal

Kraken OTC Desk Head: Trading Volume Has Increased 2,000% Since 2018

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (430)

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IT Giant Oracle Sues Blockchain Startup for Taking Its Name

Ethereum Istanbul hard fork, 6 new changes approved

Keep Network
A privacy layer for Ethereum

Interoperability as a Service

RSK Transaction Privacy and Scalability

Build your app with the Gas Station Network

7 documentales sobre Bitcoin y blockchain que no puedes perderte

EIP 1884: Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (429)

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Beam successfully hard forks for the first time

Torneo de CryptoWars en A3! (Premio: AR$ 25k) by Experimental y MakerDAO is deployed on mainnet. Give it a try

Ethereum 2.0 Terms Demystified

Eth News and Links, August 17, 2019

OpenZeppelin SDK 2.5.3

Cross-Chain Group

Os.City partners with RSK to provide a wide range of services for governments through blockchain technology

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (425)

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Discreet Log Contracts: invisible smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain

Moving from Web2 to Web3: What Technical Improvements Are Needed?

RSK Improvement Proposals

‘No Sharding: The Solana Podcast’ Looks into the Future of Blockchain

Decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain

On the optionality and fairness of Atomic Swaps

Bitcoin 2019: Lightning Round III

Leo Elduayen: cada vez más negocios adoptan la criptomoneda de Marcos Paz en Argentina

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (422)

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Blockstream Green Wallet

User On-boarding and CREATE2

Here’s The Case For A $100,000 Bitcoin Price By The End Of 2021

The #Bitcoin #Lightning Spec Part 5/8: Onion Routing Protocol

The #Bitcoin #Lightning Spec Part 5/8: Onion Routing Protocol

The Taxonomy of Lightning Nodes and Trampoline Payments

Bitcoin Is King Of The Cryptos – Can It Take Over Smart Contract Platforms Too?

Lightning Network Routing: Privacy and Efficiency in a Positive-Sum Game

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (419)

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Mining Disrupt
Miami Conference

Report: Chinese government restricts Justin Sun’s travel, scuttling his lunch with Warren Buffett

Could Bitcoin’s Dominance Help BTC Based Projects Pull Ahead of the Competition?

Ethereum: What the Next 4 Years Look Like

Updated PSA : Wasabi Wallet is the target of ongoing behavior that appears to be a Sybil Attack since January 2019

Grin and the Mythical Fair Launch

What is Harberger Tax & Where Does The Blockchain Fit In?

CypherBFT: Enabling Decentralization for HotStuff

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (414)

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July 20, 2019, Week in Ethereum News

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #56

Interview with Money On Chain’s CEO: “Bitcoin is great, but for many uses, it has the problem of volatility”

Bitex firmó acuerdo con Bantotal para integrar su solución de Blockchain al programa BDevelopers

PegaSys Partner Program

8 Projects Making Waves in the Crypto Space

SkyWeaver Game

CoinGecko Quarterly Report for Q2 2019

Angel “Java” Lopez