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Akka: Links, News And Resources (5)

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spray | Documentation » 1.1-M8 » spray-routing » Advanced Topics » Understanding the DSL Structure

ktonga/meetup-akka-spray · GitHub
Example from Buenos Aires meetup

Event Bus — Akka Documentation

Testing Actor Systems — Akka Documentation

spray | REST/HTTP for your Akka/Scala Actors

「Effective Actors」 Speaker: Jamie Allen(Typesafe) on Vimeo

How does Cloud Haskell currently compare with Erlang/OTP, Scala/Akka, Clojure/Storm? : haskell

Introduction to Actors Systems

Mile High DDD 2013 by Paul Rayner & Vaughn Vernon

Books — Akka Documentation

Play Framework – Build Modern & Scalable Web Apps with Java and Scala

Open Source Training – Marakana

Futures in Akka with Scala | Java Code Geeks

Let it crash • The Second Step: Akka Typed Channels

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