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End Of Iteration 2014w06

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More deliberate TDD practice in my open source projects


My Erlang-like interpreter in C#:

I added selective receive to process mailboxes. It was an interesting implementation, where each mailboxes has a save queue to keep the rejected messages. Once a message is accepted, the save queue is put again as a message queue, ready to be consumed again.


My Scala interpreter in C#:

I added binary expressions. I started to think about type check implementation. This next week I will add an explicit AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) to be used for type checking. Not all Scala expression can be type checked at parser time, because possible not-resolved cross references.


My Scala interpreter in JavaScript:

Minor additions: parse class with body, parse a suite of statement (a list of statement). One thing to review in this project and the previous one: Scala new line in lexer/parser. The language has special rules to skip or not a new line, depending on the context. I should add type checkting to this JavaScript project.


My Clojure interpreter in C#:

I applied a surgical refactor: internal reimplementation of top level context to save internally clojure vars. In this way, the top level definitions are saved not as name/value but as named var/value. The rest of the context are simple name/value dictionaries (like the context created by the special form let).


I created a new JavaScript/Node.js package:

a simple web scraper in JavaScript/Node.js. The initial commits only process HTML in text, iterating over tag items. Light weight, no dependencies needed yet.


I added minor changes to:

I worked on three non-public projects, too.

More fun is coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

New Month’s Resolutions: February 2014

Review of my January’s Resolutions:

– Start to implement Akka-like actor model in C# [complete] see repo
– Start to implement Scala interpreter in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Work on AjErl [complete] see repo
– Work on Mass (I have many ideas to implement as module pattern and variable scope access) [pending]
– Work on DylanSharp [complete] see repo
– Start an implementation of ML (JavaScript? C#?) [pending]

I also worked on:

– Improving Scala interpreter in C# [complete] see repo
– Adding dot notation to Lisp interpreter in C# [complete] see repo
– Improving Ruby interpreter in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Improving Clojure-like interpreter in C# [complete] see repo
– First templates, tasks generating Sinatra application in AjGenesis for Node [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Complete distributed messaging in AjErl
– Complete dot notation in AjLisp
– Improve ClojSharp
– Work on ScaScript
– Work on ScalaSharp
– Add variable scope to Mass
– Complete first version Aktores actor model in C#
– More code generation tasks, templates, models in AjGenesis for Node, generating Express, Meteor, Sinatra applications

More fun is coming

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez