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New Month’s Resolutions: September 2019

The end of year is coming. It’s time to write down my monthly resolutions, but first, review of the last month’s ones:

– Continue RLie [complete] see repo
– Continue Erlie [partial] see repo
– Continue Walang [pending]
– Continue SimpleNeuron [pending]
– Continue SimpleTalk [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue Dexert [pending]
– Continue EthBridge [pending]
– Improve my Genetic Algorithms repo [complete] see repo
– Give a talk Building a Blockchain in Java, using TDD [complete]
– Continue evmcompiler [pending]
– Continue selang [pending]
– Continue solcom [pending]
– Continue EthRlp [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleTensor [pending]
– Continue HuskyJS [pending]
– Continue Monki [complete] see repo
– Start Learning Elliptic Curves [complete]
– Start Learning Rust [complete]
– Start Learning Golang [complete]

I also was working on:

– Start EthMeta metatransactions in Ethereum and RSK [complete] see repo
– Adding commands to RskApi [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleAbi [complete] see repo
– Start EthMMR, Merkle Mountain Range in Solidity [complete] see repo
– Start EthProof, Merkle proof in Solidity [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue RLie
– Continue Erlie
– Continue Walang
– Continue SimpleNeuron
– Continue SimpleTalk
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Prepare a talk about Deep Learning and the Game of Go
– Continue evmcompiler
– Continue selang
– Continue solcom
– Continue EthRlp
– Continue EthMeta
– Continue Monki
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves
– Continue Learning Rust
– Continue Learning Golang

Angel “Java” Lopez



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Angel “Java” Lopez

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Angel “Java” Lopez


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Angel “Java” Lopez

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Angel “Java” Lopez


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Angel “Java” Lopez


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Angel “Java” Lopez