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Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie Explain UNIX (Bell Labs)

I started to program in late seventies: old good days, punched cards, tape devices, big printers, teletypes. One week ago, I found this short video (promoted in Twitter after Dennis Ritchie death):

From Youtube page:

featuring UNIX creators Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie briefly explaining the UNIX environment. In cameo roles you’ll see UNIX luminaries Greg Chesson (in the wine red shirt) and Doug McIlroy (to the foreground of Greg). Also featured is a classic ASR-33 Teletype, BLIT displays (developed by Rob Pike, then of the Labs as well), and much more.

Simplicity: a key ingredient in Unix operating system, that won where other operating systems (like Multics) failed. After the work of these men, we discovered that a language (the C language) and an operating system could be designed and built by an small group, even by only one person.

In some sense, that Unix, that C language, are still running, under a new name: Internet.

Angel “Java” Lopez