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ReactJS: Links And Resources (7)

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Zero to Om

coryhouse/react-slingshot: React + Redux starter kit with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app, all built in

6 Ways to Bind JavaScript’s this Keyword in React, ES6 & ES7

Animating with React, Redux, and d3 | A geek with a hat

Netflix JavaScript Talks – React.js for TV UIs – YouTube

MERN — Easiest way to build isomorphic JavaScript apps using React and Redux.

Hello World: Comparing ReactJS And AngularJS

Tutorial: Build a React.js Application with User Authentication – Stormpath User Identity API

Matt-Esch/virtual-dom: A Virtual DOM and diffing algorithm

Why I No Longer Use MVC Frameworks

React Cheat Sheet

Learn React By Itself — no JSX, no Flux, no ES6, no Webpack.

5 Steps for Learning React Application Development – Telerik Developer Network

Fluxible | A Pluggable Container for Isomorphic Flux Applications

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ReactJS: Links And Resources (6)

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Going cross-platform with React

Sharing Code between React Web and Native Apps

Preact by developit

ReactJS best practices for 2016

The State Of Meteor Part 2: What Happens Next – Discover Meteor


Relay 101: Building A Hacker News Client

Functional Geekery Episode 40 – David Nolen

The Case for React.js and ClojureScript

React Components, Elements, and Instances | React

How we unit test React components using expect-jsx

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ReactJS: Links And Resources (5)

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JavaScript’s History and How it Led To ReactJS – The New Stack

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To ReactJS – AntJanus

React Base Fiddle (JSX) – JSFiddle

ReactJS – Building Web Apps w/JavaScript

React.js in Real Life at Codecademy

Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts | Scotch

React.js cheatsheet

React integration for ASP.NET MVC | ReactJS.NET

React.js – A guide for Rails developers

ReactJS For Stupid People


Mancy NodeJs Repl

GraphQL Introduction | React

Simon Tucker: — video chat with webRTC + react/flux – September Devshop SF – YouTube

Best tips and practices from React.js experts | Toptal

React and Flux… and a little Redux

Creating Isomorphic Apps with Node.js, React, and Express

Learn React, Flux, and Flow: Part I – YouTube

How does ReactJS Native compare with Titanium? – Quora

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ReactJS: Links And Resources (4)

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Jed Watson – Going Mobile with React at react-europe 2015 – YouTube

Pure UI

Tag Archive for “javascript” | Scotch

Lee Byron – Exploring GraphQL at react-europe 2015 – YouTube

Dan Abramov – Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015 – YouTube

React Native Playground: Share and test your React Native code in the browser

WinJS 4.0 Is Compatible with AngularJS, React, Bootstrap and Knockout

Mutations in Relay // Speaker Deck

Harrison Harnisch: React native and Meteor — Devshop SF April 2015 – YouTube

Max Harris: Two weeks with React Meteor — Devshop SF March 2015 – YouTube

CS 294-101 01 Pete Hunt: React vs The World – YouTube

Reagent • TodoMVC

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ClojureScript: Links And Resources (2)

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More (historical) links about ClojureScript. Updated links at end.

ClojureScript Anatomy

ClojureScriptOne • TodoMVC

Blog | Rich Hickey – Podcast Episode 014 | Relevance

Reactive Programming for Clojure(Script) UIs – Google Groups!topic/clojure-dev/LzVu4dIvOrg/discussion

Chris Granger – Light Table Playground Levels Up

ClojureScript’s persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript

michaelsbradleyjr/node-clojurescript · GitHub
Seamless integration between NodeJS and ClojureScript

fogus: The ClojureScript Compilation Pipeline

Himera Synonym
Translations from JavaScript

Light Table by Chris Granger — Kickstarter

A clojurescript version of bret victor’s editable game

InfoQ: Rich Hickey on Clojure 1.4’s Extensible Reader, ClojureScript

fogus: Compiling Clojure to JavaScript, pt. 3 – The Himera Model

cljs-template with Clojure/ClojureScript REPLs from Emacs – Spyfoos’ Speculations

Clojure to Scheme to C to the bare metal


Connect With Your Creation Through a Real-Time Editor | Webmonkey |

Overtone and ClojureScript

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-08 | Hello, ClojureScript!

InfoQ: One () to Rule them All

Clojure/core — Introducing ClojureScript One

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ReactJS: Links And Resources (3)

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React Tips and Best Practices – ÆFLASH


Introduction to the React JavaScript Library -Telerik Developer Network

reactjs – Existing UI libraries to use with React.js? – Stack Overflow

Riot 2.0 | A React- like UI library

5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: React – Modus CreateModus Create

React (JavaScript library) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sample Mobile Application with React and Cordova | Christophe Coenraets

Material UI – Material Design React Components

Anyone have any opinion on React vs Polymer? It’s something i’ve been strugglin… | Hacker News

Riot vs React vs Polymer

The value of react / Jonathan Krause @jonykrause, Front–end developer

Component Interop With React And Custom Elements

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else? – Funny Ant

html – Is it possible to use Polymer inside of React? – Stack Overflow

javascript – Pros and Cons of Facebook’s React vs. Web Components (Polymer) – Programmers Stack Exchange

An Unconventional Review of React | Let’s Code JavaScript

Introducing React Native: Building Apps with JavaScript

Boiling React Down to a Few Lines in jQuery – Hackflow

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Laravel: Links And Resources (2)

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Comandos artesanales by Ale Mohamad

The Languages And Frameworks That You Should Learn In 2015 | wwwDesigned

Rebuilding Laravel at Medium

Managing Databases with Migrations – Laravel Book

Laravel & Repository Pattern

Laravel Schema Designer

Laravel & Repository Pattern

Rebuilding Laravel — Laravel 4 Tutorials — Medium

Laracasts | Server Management With Forge

Laravel – The PHP Framework For Web Artisans.

LaravelBA – YouTube

Laravel (framework) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Laravel 4 by Pablo Chiappetti



Laravel Bundles



Adding CSS to Laravel pages – Pikemere Web Services

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