Blockchain: Links And Resources (341)

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PopuCoin la primera criptomoneda uruguaya–20193105024

Introducing the Dai Card

Las noticias falsas que sembraron dudas en el ecosistema cripto durante 2018

MyEtherWallet creates open-source Ethereum block explorer

0x Instant And ERC20 Game Tokens On Emoon

Vulnerability relating to 64-byte transactions in Bitcoin Core 0.13 branch

1–800-Ethereum: Gas Stations Network for Toll Free Transactions

STOs, ICOs, VCs: How do you know what fundraising method to choose for your startup?

Angel “Java” Lopez

New Month’s Resolutions: March 2019

It’s time to write down my new list of resolutions. First, let’s review the previous ones:

– Continue simpledfs [complete] see repo
– Continue Erlie [complete] see repo
– Continue Walang [complete] see repo
– Continue robotsim [pending]
– Continue Elmie [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleNeuron [complete] see repo
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue Dexert [pending]
– Continue EthBridge [pending]
– Continue Idener [pending]
– Record a talk about Smart Contracts programming [complete]
– Write experimental code for RskJ [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working on:

– Start generic Abstract Syntax Tree in JavaScript, geast [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleTensor [complete] see repo
– Start collectible token contract, EthCollectible [complete] see repo
– Start non-fungible collectible token contract, EthPets [complete] see repo
– Start and deploy on RSK testnet bet contract, EthBet [complete] see repo
– Start generic lexer in JavaScript, gelex [complete] see repo
– Continue Husky, Haskell-like interpreter in JavaScript [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue simpledfs
– Continue Erlie
– Continue Walang
– Continue robotsim
– Continue Elmie
– Continue SimpleNeuron
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue Dexert
– Continue EthBridge
– Continue Idener
– Record a talk about Smart Contracts programming
– Write experimental code for RskJ
– Continue gelex
– Continue geast
– Continue HuskyJS
– Continue EthCollectible
– Continue EthPets

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (340)

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“Breaking Smart Contracts for Fun and Profit” by Daniel Fischmann of Chain Security

DAI Bridge POA Network

POA Network partners with MakerDAO on xDai Chain, the first ever USD-Stable Blockchain!

Bootstrapping a Developer Ecosystem with Zeppelin

Privacy and Cryptocurrency, Part I: How Private is Bitcoin?

Ethereum Has More Than Twice as Many Core Devs per Month as Bitcoin, Report Says

A New Exchange Launches, Letting Institutions Custody Their Own Crypto

FlyClient: Super-Light Clients for Cryptocurrencies

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (339)

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The Flint Programming Language for Smart Contracts

ETC to be Tokenized on Ethereum’s Blockchain

MythX is real

Introducing 0x Global Community Meetups Takes Off at Lightning Speed With More Than 14,000 New Users

The State of Plasma: #1

State of Ethereum Protocol #1

The State of Layer-2 Protocol Development #1

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (338)

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Venezuela comercia más de 8000 BTC en LocalBitcoins por Tercer Mes Consecutivo

Bitcoin Timestamp Security

Mainframe Developers

Mainframe OS Developer Edition Now Available — Bounties Offered to Dapp Developers

The Best Intermediate-ish Crypto Resources

What are the different types of Digital Ledger Technologies & how they work?

The business of sending transactions on Ethereum

Blockchain’s Killer App: Crypto-Powered Web Browser Brave Hits 20 Million Downloads

Angel “Java” Lopez

Computer Security, Links and Resources (2)

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Privilege Escalation in Ubuntu Linux (dirty_sock exploit)

Severe vulnerabilities uncovered in popular password managers

Extracting a 19 Year Old Code Execution from WinRAR

Interlace: A Productivity Tool For Pentesters and Bug Hunters – Automate and Multithread Your

Quantum Cryptography Market 2019 Industry Size, Trends, Opportunity, Global Growth, Insights and Forecast Research Report 2023

Hackers’ Own Tools Are Full of Vulnerabilities

BlackHat 2017: Multi-Stage Attack Targeting Container Developers, Presented by Aqua

Tracking desktop ransomware payments

Angel “Java” Lopez

Computer Security, Links and Resources (1)

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Old and new resources, about computer security:

Experts Recover AES256 Encryption Key From a PC’s Electromagnetic Emissions

Critical Vulnerability in JSON Web Encryption

Differential Fault Attacks on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems

Hackers’ Own Tools Are Full of Vulnerabilities

Massive Database Leak Gives Us a Window into China’s Digital Surveillance State

New TLS Padding Oracles

@try_to_hack Makes History as First Bug Bounty Hacker to Earn Over $1 Million

How one teenager is making millions by hacking legally

Angel “Java” Lopez