Blockchain: Links And Resources (176)

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Ethereum’s First Production Scaling Project Is Here – But With a Catch

Vitalik Reveals New Idea for Plasma Scaling On Ethereum

Ethereum’s Raiden Network Has New Scaling Competiton

Blockchain Engineering

Can ETH Keep Up vs. NEO and EOS in 2018? Scaling Ethereum | Casper Raiden Sharding Plasma

State Tree Pruning

The Ethereum-blockchain size will not exceed 1TB anytime soon

Blockchain Bibliography

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Angel “Java” Lopez

Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (65)

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5 algorithms to train a neural network

Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Algoritmos: no se ven pero están en casi todos lados

Build a Text Classification Program: An Natural Language Processing Tutorial

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Machine Learning in Action

Autonomous Vehicle

Fault and Byzantine Tolerant Self-stabilizing Mobile Robots Gathering

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Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (175)

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Loom Network Launches Ethereum Scaling Solution

How to timestamp with zero marginal cost

Proof of Useful Work

Mining for Science

Quadratic Arithmetic Programs: from Zero to Hero

Consistent Hashing: Algorithmic Tradeoffs

Investigating Short Term Scaling Solutions for Ethereum

How Will Ethereum Scale?

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Angel “Java” Lopez


New Month’s Resolutions: Abril 2018

A new month in progress. Time to review the previous month’s resolutions:

– Continue SimpleGo [pending]
– Continue Exeth [complete] see repo
– Continue HuskyJS [complete] see repo
– Continue RskApi [complete] see repo
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue BlockchainSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleEvm [complete] see repo
– Continue TensorSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue AprendiendoSolidity [pending]
– Continue SharpGo [pending]
– Resume Machine Learning Mentorship [pending]
– Continue Solidity Mentorship [partial] see repo

Additionally, I worked on

– Add example to SimpleDT [complete] see repo
– Create evmasm [complete] see repo
– Improving RskUtils [complete] see repo
– Add https support to SimpleJsonRpc [complete] see repo
– Improve Bitcoin sample SimpleGA [complete] see repo
– Continue RSharp [complete] see repo [complete] see repo
– Continue CrysSharp [complete] see repo
– Improve LllJs [complete] see repo
– Improve Emv2Code [complete] see repo
– Improve SolidityCompiler [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue SimpleGo
– Continue Exeth
– Continue HuskyJS [complete] see repo
– Continue RskApi
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue BlockchainSharp
– Continue SimpleEvm
– Continue TensorSharp
– Continue AprendiendoSolidity
– Continue SharpGo
– Continue RSharp

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (174)

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Rethinking Large-Scale Consensus


A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin
April fool

RSK Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Explained with Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar

5 Steps to Stress-Free Crypto Tax Accounting

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Lightning and Sparks Fly

El criptoprode y otros avances con la tecnología del blockchain

IBM, Proxeus to Legally Register a Company in 3 Hours on the Blockchain

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

JavaScript: Links, News And Resources (17)

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Creating RESTful Web Services the Easy Way with Node.js

GOTO 2016 • JavaScript Performance Through the Spyglass • Vyacheslav Egorov

ES6, ES7, and beyond

Debugging Webassembly With Print-Statements – Hexdump Addition

Javascript Monad and Monad Transformer Collection

Reframe unresponsive elements responsively

Why we have banned default exports in Javascript and you should do the same

Z Native Pattern Matching for Javascript

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

Programming: Links and Resources (10)

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Reusable Web Application Strategies

Keep Calm and Code On: Productivity Tools for Developers

SysArmy Surveys: Análisis por género de los resultados de todas las encuestas¶

Abortable fetch

To type or not to type: quantifying detectable bugs in JavaScript

Designing a Presentation

Awesome Compilers
Curated list of awesome resources on Compilers, Interpreters and Runtimes.

Just A Developer

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez