Blockchain: Links And Resources (395)

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The Cutting Edge of Sidechains: Liquid and RSK

What is Ethereum?

Getting the most out of CREATE2

Public Blockchains Will be a Productivity Revolution Says EY on Launching Zk-Snarks For Ethereum

StarkDEX: Bringing STARKs to Ethereum

Justin Sun won the bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett, paying $4.57 million

Build on EOSIO

Scaling of Ethereum; Sharding Explained

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (394)

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Quadratic Programming

Will Private Blockchains Be Relevant in the Decentralized Future?

Tumblers according Buterin

On Decentralization. Part II

Automatically verify Truffle smart contracts on Etherscan

Aspiring Blockchain Node

Making Maker: May 2019

Microsoft Azure Now Supports RSK Smart Contracts

Angel “Java” Lopez


Programming: Links and Resources (32)

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Curso de Kubernetes

Forget fancy chefs and foosball — what developers really want is balance and growth

Bindings and Lexical Scope in Ruby

5 Conference Speaking Tips from Tech Gurus

Better to Give and to Receive: Alibaba’s Open-source Contributions to Flink

Writing Testable Code. Main Rules

The 10 Computer Scientists That Made Computers Mainstream

Software has diseconomies of scale – not economies of scale

Angel “Java” Lopez

Programming: Links and Resources (31)

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Raw Pharo 70 Changelog

Apache Software Foundation joins GitHub open source community

Auth0: Multi-Region High-Availability Architecture that Scales to 1.5B+ Logins a Month

Programa Data Science

The 5 Key Drivers Of Why Graph Databases Are Gaining Popularity

Collaboration patterns of the active developers in GitHub

Essence-driven Development

Visual Studio Code: Getting Started

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (393)

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Cryptocurrency tumbler

Cryptocurrency Mixers and Why Governments May Want to Shut Them Down

Crypto Name Generator

Smart Contracts: Real-Life Use Cases

Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments from Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

Explaining SNARKs Part V: From Computations to Polynomials

Quadratic Span Programs and Succinct NIZKs without PCPs

Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (392)

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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #48

Various Questions about the Algorand Blockchain

A list of all blockchain games in Alpha, Beta and Pre-sale

How MakerDAO Works

Erebos v0.7 & 0.8: hello timelines!

CasperLabs at CryptoChicks Hackathon in Toronto: CBC Casper PoS to Reconcile Blockchain Scalability and Decentralization

Polkadot Parachain Slots

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (391)

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Why should you do merge-mining with RSK?

The Future of Bitcoin Will Not Look Like You Think it Will

Invoiceless Lightning Payments with Circular Route

Blockchains and Oracles: A Primer

Solidity for Beginners

Hyperloop: A New Concept by Lightning Aiming to Solve Liquidity Problems

Scalability: What Is RIF Lumino Payments Trying To Achieve?

Bandwidth-Efficient Transaction Relay in Bitcoin

Angel “Java” Lopez