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September 5, 2015

New Month’s Resolutions: September 2015

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The Spring season is near, at Southern Hemisphere. Time to write my new month’s resolutions, and to review past month ones:

– Work on MathelSharp [complete] see repo
– Work on SparkSharp [pending]
– Work on MathelJS [complete] see repo
– Work on Messi [pending]
– Work on renaming, refactor AjErl, to ErlSharp [complete] see repo
– Work on OStore [complete] see repo
– Work on DynApp [pending]

Additionally, I worked on:

– Start GStones, Gobstones language implementation in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Improve SharpGo [complete] see repo
– Improve BScript [complete] see repo
– Work on ElixirJS [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Work on ElixirJS
– Work on ErlSharp
– Work on MathelSharp
– Work on MathelJS
– Work on GStones
– Work on OStore
– Work on SparkSharp

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

September 4, 2015

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (11)

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Idris – Epic
Epic is a simple functional language which compiles to reasonably efficient C code

Idris –
Idris is a general purpose pure functional programming language with dependent types. Dependent types allow types to be predicated on values, meaning that some aspects of a program’s behaviour can be specified precisely in the type.

Contravariant Functors — An Intuition

Quark Framework – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Higher-Order JavaScript

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub January 2013 | Functional Programming Basics

Functional Python Made Easy – Hackflow

Purely Functional I/O

Applying Functional Thinking When Refactoring JavaScript Code – Nulogy Blog


Tail Recursion Elimination

Origins of Python’s “Functional” Features

Applicative Programming In JavaScript With lodash.js – Tech.Pro

The fate of reduce() in Python 3000

02 python Programación orientada a objetos y funcional

How to learn Haskell

Concatenative programming in Clojure

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub May 2013 | A Functional Introduction to Lua

Datomic: The Functional Database

Lenses, Stores, and Yoneda |   Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe

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Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

September 2, 2015

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (10)

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The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala Part 1: Extractors – Daniel Westheide

The busy Java developer’s guide to Scala: Functional programming for the object oriented

Functional programming in the Java language

Play Framework: Democratizing Functional Programming for modern Web Programmers | LinkedIn Engineering

Sean Voisen » Functional Reactive Programming with Bacon.js

Living in a Post-Functional World

Why Ruby is an acceptable LISP

Monad like programming with C# – CodeProject

Birds of a Feather: Functional Programming in Bioinformatics | Commercial Users of Functional Programming

FP Days 2013

Strange Loop Conference Videos

Functional Jobs // Dream Jobs for Functional Programmers

Clojure Engineers Needed at Factual // Functional Jobs

Erlang The Movie II: The Sequel – YouTube

Functional Composition

Learning Functional Programming without Growing a Neckbeard – YouTube

Brian Beckman: Don’t fear the Monad | Going Deep | Channel 9

erlang-bookmarks/ at master · 0xAX/erlang-bookmarks

Scala Monads: Declutter Your Code With Monadic Design – YouTube

Martin Odersky: Scala with Style – YouTube

The Agda Wiki – Agda

Functionally Similar – Comparing Underscore.js to LINQ—comparing-underscore.js-to-linq/

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Angel “Java” Lopez

August 28, 2015

Redis: Links, News And Resources (5)

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Resque Bus – TechRabbit

Asynchronous replication with failover

Building a Message Queue using Redis in Go – Big elephants

Noticias, Redis y Entrevista a Soveran – Surculus Fructum

Integrating Node.js with PHP | Web & PHP Magazine

dvirsky / BoilerDB / source / — Bitbucket

Realtime pixel tracking with nginx, syslog-ng, and Redis

A Dash of Technology: Creating a Lock with Redis

Storing hundreds of millions of simple key-value pairs in Redis – Instagram Engineering


novagile/insight-reloaded · GitHub

yinqiwen/ardb · GitHub

Gazel | key/value store for the browser

brutasse/rache · GitHub

Instant Redis Optimization How-to: Arun Chinnachamy: Kindle Store

Redis vs Memcached | /sys/toilet

Exploring synchronous replication in Redis – Antirez weblog

Reply to Aphyr, part 2 – Antirez weblog

Reply to Aphyr attack to Sentinel – Antirez weblog

Call me maybe: Redis

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Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

August 27, 2015

Redis: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community:Machine Learnin

WordPress Caching with Nginx and Redis

Redis configuration rewriting – Antirez weblog

Manning: Redis in Action

jankotek/MapDB · GitHub

eveiga/node-miniredis · GitHub

mjijackson/then-redis · GitHub

No sql taiwan #6 redis data structure

Using Redis for Event Sourcing and much more – Journal – CQRS and Cloud Computing

catwell/fakeredis · GitHub

Redsmin/redis-lua-unit · GitHub

The Redis Cookbook

Try Redis

Adam’s Law of Redis – The Real Adam

Redis persistence demystified

openredis — Redis Hosting

soveran/ost · GitHub

Redis reliable queues with Lua scripting

Guidelines for Redis clients with support for Redis Sentinel – Redis

Redis Crashes – Antirez weblog

karlseguin/the-little-redis-book · GitHub

Scarlet by nesv

Real World Redis // Speaker Deck

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Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

August 25, 2015

Redis: Links, News And Resources (3)

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Building a Twitter Filter With Sinatra, Redis, and TweetStream

Redis persistence demystified

Redis Virtual Memory: the story and the code

Auto Complete with Redis

Redis: under the hood
How does the Redis server work?

Celery, Redis and Django

The Trello Tech Stack
Trello started as an HTML mockup that Justin and Bobby, the Trello design team, put together in a week…

Redis Sentinel beta released

Cinchcast Architecture – Producing 1,500 Hours Of Audio Every Day
REDIS: used as the distributed caching layer and for message pub-sub queue

How fast is Redis?

Paging & Ranking With Large Offsets: MongoDB vs Redis vs PostgreSQL


Kicking ass with redis

OptimalBits / node_acl
This module provides a minimalistic Access Control List implementation inspired by Zend_ACL using Redis as persistent backend.

Why is AOF used as the “base” file, rather than RDB?!topic/redis-db/viEBw0hDOas

Redis Sharding at Craigslist and redis store!topic/socket_io/gymBTlruYxs

Socket.IO RedisStore and xhr-polling

Examples in using RedisStore in

RedisStore and rooms with Socket.IO

CPU 100% with Redis Store

Node.js For My Tiny Ruby Brain: Keeping Promises

New BitNami Stack: Node.js

ptaoussanis / carmine
Simple, high-performance Redis (2.0+) client for Clojure

PrettySimple / redis-monitor
This collections of tools allow to monitor activities and status of multiple instances of Redis server.

Building a Website To Scale

zhangyafeikimi / librediscxx
A Redis Client Library For C++

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Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

August 13, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (18)

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Von Neumann had one piece of advice for us: not to originate anything. – High Scalability –

You can play nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games for free right now | The Verge

Longform Reprints: Playboy Interview: Steve Jobs by David Sheff

The Story of Siri, by its founder Adam Cheyer

Block I Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC): How to build one in your basement

Apollo 11: The computers that put man on the moon

Apollo Guidance Computer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hopper biography

Pixel Pioneers: A Brief History of Graphics, Part One – YouTube

Mega inanity | The Renaissance Mathematicus Joining the Mac Group

Computer Backgammon, by Hans J. Berliner

Backgammon Computer Program Beats World Champion, by Hans J. Berliner

The Art of Writing Software – YouTube

La intimidad del Silicon Valley, en fotos –

Happy 100th birthday Hedy Lamarr, the inventor who made the wireless internet possible

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Angel “Java” Lopez

August 11, 2015

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (9)

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Bodil Stokke: What Every Hipster Should Know About Functional Programming on Vimeo

FRP in ClojureScript with Javelin

Concurrent Bayes Classifiers in Clojure | Ascii Rain

Purely functional data structures in Clojure: Red-Black Trees – Leonardo Borges

JavaScript Isn’t Scheme –

Introducing HipHip (Array): Fast and flexible numerical computation in Clojure — Prismatic Blog

Higher-Order function in JavaScript | debug mode……

A Library of Morphisms: Monoids, Functors, and Monads

Fluokitten – Category Theory in Idiomatic Clojure

The F# Asynchronous Programming Model – Microsoft Research

Learning a language is like brain damage

On Immutability | the pluralsight blog

Functional Composition – Chris Ford – YouTube

Chris Ford: Functional Composition (musically speaking) | Functional Talks

FunScript – F# to JavaScript with type providers

A++ [Eric Torreborre’s Blog]: A Zipper and Comonad example

fogus: Functional JavaScript: Closure

fogus: Fun.js –

Functional Programming Is A Scam!

Functional Programming Patterns in Four Popular Javascript Libraries | Web Builder Zone

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Angel “Java” Lopez

August 10, 2015

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (8)

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Why I am so excited about Clojure and why I think its going to explode. | Technology mixed with a little Zen

Open Source @ Jane Street

fogus: Fun.js – Bilby.js

puffnfresh/bilby.js · GitHub

The Elm Programming Language

Abstractivate: What FP taught me about OO: Liskov Substitution Principle explained

Data analysis with Monoids | twdkz

The Algebra of Algebraic Data Types, Part 1 – Chris Taylor

Skills Matter : In The Brain of Jon Pither, Functional Progr

A Week with Elixir

CrossEye/eweda · GitHub

Machine Learning | The F# Software Foundation

Elixir – A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM on Vimeo

Clojure Programmer at Triggit // Functional Jobs

bhimsen92/YAIL · GitHub

Darach Ennis on CEP, Stream Processing, Messaging, OOP vs Functional Architecture

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Angel “Java” Lopez

August 7, 2015

Machine Learning: Links, News And Resources (12)

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A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning: What is ML Studio

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning | Southworks Blog | Southworks Blog

Twitter Sentiment Analysis | Southworks Blog | Southworks Blog

TD-Gammon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Temporal Difference Learning and TD-Gammon

Gerald Tesauro’s TD-Gammon

Legacy – Chinook – World Man-Machine Checkers Champion

UCL Discovery – Machine learning for financial market prediction

Elements of Statistical Learning: data mining, inference, and prediction. 2nd Edition.

Quantitative Trading

Support Vector Machine RSI System | Quantum Financier

prediction – How can I go about applying machine learning algorithms to stock markets? – Quantitative Finance Stack Exchange

MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games – YouTube

Ex-Googlers Raise $6M For Connectifier, An AI Approach To Recruitment Search | TechCrunch

Application of Genetic Algorithms in Machine learning

IEEE Xplore Abstract – Machine learning using a genetic algorithm to optimise a draughts program board evaluation function

Introduction to Machine Learning – VideoLectures.NET

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Angel “Java” Lopez

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