Blockchain: Links And Resources (580)

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Average Number of Ethereum Transactions

IOV Labs Ushers in Bitcoin-Based Mobile DeFi

The European Commission has selected the new partner to operate the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The Book of Swarm

Lumino Light Client

Deterministic Blockchain BFT Protocol XP for Complete Asynchronous Networks

QuickSync: A Quickly Synchronizing PoS-Based Blockchain Protocol

ERC721 token with OpenZeppelin, React, and Truffle – RSK Workshop

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (579)

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TTS 257 BitGive Founder Connie Gallippi: Giving with Crypto


Cadena lateral de Bitcoin, RSK, se actualizará este 29 de mayo

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #98

Steem network to seize $5 million from its own users

Key Bitcoin Price Metric Shows Drop in Investor Fear After BTC Halving

A Difficulty in Controlling Blockchain Mining Costs via Cryptopuzzle Difficulty

50 BTC Just Moved for First Time Since 2009 – But It Doesn’t Look Like Satoshi

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (578)

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Why a Bitcoin startup bought LatAm’s alternative to Facebook

tBTC lasted on mainnet two days. Alas, it was born before it’s time.

Run your own swarm website demo

Mjolnir: Tooling for BAT Apollo

Two sides of the same coin

Is tokenized BTC bullish for ETH?

18 Months In, Few People Use, Mine or Buy Privacy Coin Grin

Desarrollamos un sistema blockchain para el Banco Central de la República Argentina

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (577)

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Enabling Cross-chain Transactions: A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Protocol

Anonymous Lottery In the Proof-of-Stake setting

Geth Pink Marble (v1.9.14)


What’s Ahead for the OpenEthereum Client

Free the Birds: the Case for Tokenized Gas

Week in Ethereum News, May 17, 2020 – thank you to Trail of Bits!

Solange Gueiros Desenvolvedora na IOV Labs

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (576)

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IOV Labs Ushers in Bitcoin-Based Mobile DeFi

Ethereum 2.0 and DeFi ecosystem

How to explain tokenization to Six Year Old (well… sort of)

CriptoArgentina: La refundación de un Estado

The biggest Trusted Setup Ceremony in the world

Moneyonchain a Stablecion descentralizada baseada no Bitcoin. Tudo sobre o MoC, DoC, Bpro e BTCx

‘History Has Repeated’: F2Pool Explains Message in Last Block Before Bitcoin Halving

Ethereum’s Istanbul Fork — Technical Explanation

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (575)

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Towards Privacy-assured and Lightweight On-chain Auditing of Decentralized Storage

A First Look into DeFi Oracles

BlockConf Digital: Content-Driven Online Blockchain Conference With Focus on New Format

Introduction to OMoc, Money On Chain Oracles

Upcoming Berlin network upgrade

One Round Threshold ECDSA with Identifiable Abort

RIF Lumino Network Enhances Bitcoin DeFi Capabilities with Instant Mobile Payments

IOV Labs Launches RIF Lumino Network Light Client to Bring Bitcoin DeFi to Mobile

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (574)

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The hard DiSC of the world computer

RIF Marketplace- The Case for Decentralization

Introduction to RIF

El hombre que minaba pacientemente bitcoin a mano, con lápiz y papel

Jack Dorsey: Square, Cryptocurrency, and Artificial Intelligence | AI Podcast #91 with Lex Fridman

Promise: Leveraging Future Gains for Collateral Reduction

Contra-*: Mechanisms for Countering Spam Attacks on Blockchain’s Memory Pools

Towards a Decentralized Digital Engineering Assets Marketplace: Empowered by Model-based Systems Engineering and Distributed Ledger Technology

Angel “Java” Lopez