End Of Iteration 2014w19

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I published a new version of:


A Node.js module to process argument options. I refactored some pieces, and now, the use of the module is more simple. The current API is inspired in the previous work, mixed with minimist project ideas, by @substack.

Code Generation for PHP Laravel

I started to write


using my AjGenesis code generation tool, based on Node.js. Only the first tests (models, create a project) are in place. Next steps: improve create project, and start generate site task and templates.

Clojure in C#

I updated


to use multifunctions (functions that have different bodies depending on number of arguments). It was good to see TDD helping me to add this functionality.


In my project:


scraper for JavaScript/Node.js, I added a new sample (scrap news from argentinean news site). And refactor some methods and internal implementation. TDD Rocks!

Go in C#

The SharpGo project:


I added new node to AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), some operators, lexer tokens, and parser tests.

I was working in three non-public projects, too.

More fun is coming.

Keep tunes!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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