Clojure: Links, News And Resources (45)

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(Nearly) Getting Started with ClojureScript – O! Mr Speaker!

C2: Clojure(Script) data visualization


Clojure in a Bank | SkillsCast | 7th April 2015

Exploring the Clojurescript REPL – Alex Eberts

Playing Go with Clojure – Zach Tellman – YouTube

Frameworkless Web Development in Clojure by Andreas ‘Kungi’ Klein – YouTube

Garajeando: Kata: Mars Rover in Clojure using multimethods

Zach Tellman – Always Be Composing – YouTube


Rails Conf 2012 Keynote: Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey – YouTube



Yeller – Clojure Miniprofiler: A simple, but effective profiler for Clojure web apps


Javascript Libraries packaged for Clojurescript


Firebase and Clojure(Script) Part Two – Adding Facebook Authentication in 3 Easy Steps – 221B Labs

(175) Why are IT systems in big enterprises usually built using Java, instead of Python or JavaScript? – Quora

Quick Start · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Clojure Open-Source Code Metrics

Reducible sequence generators – Inside Clojure

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