Blockchain: Links And Resources (5)

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Hyper Ledger Foundation

A simple explanation of Bitcoin “Sidechains” | Richard Gendal Brown

Bank-Wise Analysis of Blockchain Activity | Let’s Talk Payments

Mega Blockchain Research on Banks: Strategic Analysis of Activities and Roadmap

The fintech revolution that promises to finish off the big bad banks for good

How Blockchain Ledger Technology Is Coming of Age

Bankers Weigh Blockchain Challenges at BNY Mellon Event – CoinDesk

Q&A: What is blockchain?: PwC

Santander: Distributed Ledger Tech Could Save Banks $20 Billion a Year | Ripple

‘Goodbye Mike and Some Thoughts About Bitcoin,’ by Charles Hoskinson

Bitcoin Falls as Ethereum Rises – A Crisis of Governence

The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment

Blockchains Poised To Be The Hot Tech For Moving Money In 2016 – Forbes

What just happened to hashrate?!

Deloitte: Blockchain Will Become a Reality in 2016 – CoinDesk

Interledger Protocol Wants to Unite Bitcoin with All Other Digital Currencies

‘Smart Contracts’ Are the Future of Blockchain | Bank Think

Will Provenance Be the Blockchain’s Break Out Use Case in 2016? – CoinDesk

Blockchain – A New Economic Model | Dataconomy

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