Computer History: Links And Resources (19)

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Legacy – Chinook – World Man-Machine Checkers Champion

Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg

Pac-Man Turns 35 Today. So Here, Have Some Nostalgia | WIRED

What is the most bizarre startup that became successful that everyone had doubts about? – Quora

What are some programming languages that "are here to stay"? – Quora

Los "locos" de la Red: los pioneros que hace 25 años conectaron el país a Internet – 17.05.2015 –

Historia de la Tecnología: El lenguaje COBOL

Lessons from Steve Jobs on giving an unforgettable speech | Articles | Main

Did JavaScript evolve from another product or scripting language? – Quora

3 Really Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs |

The Queen Of Code | FiveThirtyEight

Wired 6.12: HotMale

McCarthy and the origins of LISP

Microsoft BASIC for 6502 Original Source Code [1978] |

Smalltalk: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | smalltalkrenaissance

Pat’sBlog: On This Day in Math – January 13

Duckspeak Vs Smalltalk | Dorophone

Computer History Museum | Exhibits | This Day in History: January 10

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